Friday, January 30, 2009

What a great year so far

I really can't believe my blessings this year......besides having 4 beautiful grandkids, a loving husband, a job, a home........I've now managed to lose a whopping 32.4 pounds! And all because of the Fountain of Youth giving me this golden opportunity to get this weight off. 2.4 pounds this week....holey moley. I did exercise, watched the calories and carbs during meal time, and drank plenty of water. What a concept! LOL......

For Superbowl Sunday with friends, I plan on making a white chili with chicken and low fat chicken broth, lots of white beans (high in fiber). There will be other goodies at their house, but discipline and common sense goes a long ways in making good choices...I recognize what my weaknesses are and I just avoid it altogether. I read labels on everything; knowledge is power. After 4 months on this program, 32.4 pounds lighter.....I'm changing in more ways than one. And my family doesn't complain at all about meals....lean meat, fish, veggies, salads, whole wheat bread...not even 6 year old Kyler......he seems to love the changes in his Gramma. Last September, when I told him I was going be on a diet and was going to lose weight and be smaller, he cried!! He said with the biggest tears in his eyes "but Gramma, I don't want you to change, I love you like you are now" How sweet is that??!! He's looking forward to lots of bike riding this year and said that he and his Poppa won't have to keep stopping to wait for me to catch up to them. I get teary-eyed thinking about that. We're going to have lots of fun this year!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Official weigh in

The weigh in on Friday (Jan 23) was emotional for me; I officially hit the 30 pound mark on Debbie's scale...I sneaked (snuk?) a peek a few days ago on mine at work in our office, and that one showed 30 pounds a few days ago...but at any rate, this coming off each week...this week was 2 pounds; guess the daily visits to the gym have been worth it! I'm almost half-way there; my goal was 70 pounds. I honestly believe I'm going to do it....I have to...I'm clearing out my closet of big clothes; going to give away my larger scrubs, etc. This is for the rest of my days; not just for this year.

Some of our patients saw our picture in the Direct Rewards flyer and called me at work on Thursday. So much encouragement and kind words.....I hadn't seen it and one of them brought it up to me.......his wife wants to know what kind of diet it was......I gave her the information and told her to call FOY.....(hope you all get really busy with new referrals soon.) The change in me is quite noticeable now.....almost drastic......I LOVE IT! 30 pounds of butter, three 10# bags of potatoes......a lot of weight no matter how you look at it. My husband is going to take a picture of me tomorrow...too late tonight to do it.....and I'll post it, so be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page. The picture FOY used was at 7 weeks into it.....not near the 30 pounds to date now.

I hope Sharisse is feeling better and that Cindee and Jeremy enjoy continued success as well!

Friday, January 16, 2009

A good week

Went down another 1.6 pounds and 2 "points" of fat since last week....not sure if that's calculated in pounds....I'll just call it points for now.....that impressed me. Have to admit I was hoping for 2 pounds, but in truth, the slower it comes off now, the easier it will be to keep it off. Debbie said think of it as a pound of butter shed off. So, that's good!

I've gone to Crossroads EVERY day this week; doing circuit weights with 35-40 minutes of arc trainer three times a week and every other visit is just 40-50 minutes on the arc trainer. That machine is quite a work out. I think I'll have to start changing up the routine and use different machines here soon; muscles get used to a work out and I think even by increasing weights each time, soon the workouts aren't as effective. Hmmmmm, I'll have to talk to someone about that.

At any rate, my once fat-overloaded body is still changing and getting smaller; my medium from xl scrubs are now fitting loose....smaller jeans, shoes are even fitting looser it seems. Happy day! I'm losing the fat stores from my torso...that's the bad don't want fat stored around your vital want as much of that gone as possible.

I asked Debbie what I could do to make this weight come off faster; I just have to keep up the 4 protein "meals" and one low carb meal....keep up the exercise.....and be patient. Any faster weight loss won't be healthy and won't stay off. Guess I'm just getting a little impatient!

Well, hope this next week sees "points" come down in the fat column again. We're getting there slowly but surely!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

It's already paid off

Happy Day! I just hit the 30 pound mark!!!!! I couldn't stand the wait til Friday any longer and weighed myself at work today and I have lost 30 pounds...Almost half way to my goal. It's incredible. That's all I can say besides thanks to the FOY for making this possible. Hopefully the extra work at the gym this week will have a big result on the ole scale on Friday! If I can do this, anyone can. Til Friday!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Another successful week

Another week gone and another pound as well. With a pound a week now rather than 2 or 3, it seems it will take all of what's left of the program to lose my last 40 pounds....almost right down to the last day. With that my goal, I am going to step it up at the gym....I'm doing weights 3 times a week, so what I may do is go on my "off days" and just do some cardio exercise to burn some calories. I'm watching my diet carefully, so I must have to increase my exercise in order to be sure to reach my goal of losing 70 pounds.
My husband says I look like I've lost more than 29 pounds; with losing fat, my shape has changed and obviously I'm wearing much smaller clothes (yay) and I've lost a lot of inches. I feel so good INSIDE; what a difference this has made in my life. I wasn't happy.....was angry with myself for being weak, for not having the drive to make a change. It was all so overwhelming before. Now that I see a huge difference, I'm motivated and DETERMINED to successfully complete the program and I will continue until I hit that 70 pound mark.
I have several family members who have also joined the gym; we're all in this together and having the support has been so nice. Cripes, we've all become gym rats! I guess there are worse places to hang out. I hope the 3 other "losers" keep up the good work and have much success.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

It's already a great new year

Please don't anyone think I'm being boastful or anything like that.....BUT.......I was able to put on and WEAR a pair of jeans....Silvertabs......size 11. They've been in my closet for past 12 years and hardly worn. I literally had tears running down my cheeks....even tho my weight loss is slowing per se, I'm obviously still losing fat because 2 weeks ago, I tried them on and while they were on, they were too tight. I was able to wear them comfortably on New years day.....I had gone to Wendover with some friends for her birthday and you'd have thought I hit a jackpot I was smiling so much...(even tho I lost some money, darn it.) That right there is motivation to keep up the diet. It's "easy" now; I love the bars for the morning and afternoon snacks and the shake for breakfast and lunch. It helps maybe that I rarely get a lunch break working in a physician's office, so getting a minute to drink down a shake is all I have time for and it's great. Weekends are at home, and if I'm hungry, there are cheese sticks or peanuts, apple or those yummy salted soy nuts.....I need to purchase some of those! Well, I just had to share my jeans story for anyone even thinking about a have to call the FOY and consult with them. It WILL change your life!