Saturday, August 28, 2010

A year already??

Good grief. Almost a year gone by and what changes with it. I made some mistakes this past year and now I wish I had kept reading my own blogs for the moral support. But, I just have to fix what I broke and realize that I'm a mere human mortal; not bullet proof like I thought.

1. I stopped weighing myself. Wrong!
2. I didn't eat; would go all day without eating anything because work was so busy and then have dinner at night. Wrong!
3. I exercised, but not nearly as much as I had been during the previous year. Wrong!
4. I went to Hawaii for 10 days...we ate very healthy and shared meals, but drank a lot of alcoholic sweet beverages.....well, maybe not so wrong because we walked everywhere. Only partially wrong!
5. Did I say that I didn't weigh myself? Wrong!!

Before I knew it, I had gained back about 20 pounds. I was sick, angry, depressed. I knew better. So, now I am back to keeping a food journal, exercising regularly, weighing once a week, limiting carbs, and cutting way back on portions. I take lunch to work and even if I have only 4 minutes to eat, I make sure I do. I have lost 10 of the pounds since June, and am working on the remainder. I hope to be back where I was by November 1. I'm taking it slow and am not as hard on myself as I was this winter for having a relapse; things happen. But I certainly am more mindful about what I eat for regular food; the bars and shakes sure made it easy to lose the weight....maybe too easy. I will forever be grateful to Timeless; they change people's lives and give them hope. I had it and lost it being careless. But I remembered the tools and with dedication and perseverence, I can do this.

I hope there are still some folks that will come back and check this blog...I was ashamed that I had failed; and then most recently realized that I am not the only person to have failed at something; it's not a failure unless you didn't learn from the mistakes, right??