Friday, July 24, 2009

It worked!

Finally! I lost a respectable 1.2 pounds this week, after losing only 0.2 and 0.4 here and there and nothing the previous 2-3 weeks. Just by changing the foods I was eating. Even had a half of a small baked potatoe (with a grilled pork chop, with vegetables and small side salad.) It had been 10 months or longer since I'd had a baked potatoe. I told Kim and Dana that if I got on that scale and I didn't lose again, I was going to have some pie! Luckily I didn't have to! I kept the exercise about the same; gym time is about an hour-plus 2-3 days a week and on days not at the gym, I walk briskly for 2.5 miles. I also religiously kept a food journal and kept my caloric intake to less than 900 cal per day. I found a site called that lists caloric values and you can even track online your meals, etc. So, that was good news. More good news was that my body fat % and body fat mass is now NORMAL! Wow. Bad news is, shedding these last pounds is going to be harder.
The Kenny Chesney concert was great.....despite the heat. It was 104 in Sandy on Thursday. And I didn't die or melt in the heat. I actually can stand being in the heat for much longer periods than I ever could in the past. I dont have as much insulation! We kept ourselves hydrated and I just marveled at the thought of me being there in that hot sun in white capris and a small/petite top. OMG. It wasn't that long ago, that I would have begged out of going to something like that because I was so heavy first of all and secondly that I couldn't have standed being in that kind of heat without being almost ill. I wouldn't have been able to wear something light and cool......gosh, how things have changed.
My husband also hit a milestone today; he's ridden 1000 miles on his bike since late April; he couldn't ride much in June with all the rain and still hit the 1000 mile mark today. I'm so proud of him. He's keeping his weight off and now wants to drop another 5-10 pounds. He started at over 250 and is now a trim 189-190. Incredible. It's never too late to step up and make changes in one's life...set a goal and make it attainable and then just keep upping the ante. Just take one day at a time.....if you falter, get back up and do better tomorrow.

Saturday, July 18, 2009


Now I'm really getting anxious about meeting my goal; I lost only one half pound the last 2-3 weeks. Kim and I decided it has to be the food I'm eating....haven't eaten much more than salads the last several weeks.....perhaps not eating enough calories and this body is in a holding pattern. I started walking more, still going to the gym, but walking 6-10 miles a week. So, I am supposed to change the food I have for dinner and keep the same exercise routine. So, luckily no more salads for awhile and see what happens this next week.
We have about 10 weeks left for the "official" program, although I plan on continuing until I get to my goal weight!! By gosh, I am going to lose this or else. I'm at the 50 pound mark and still have about 15-20 to go. Don't get me wrong....I am so incredibly grateful and happy to have lost this much.....I don't even look like the same a little different haircut, new glasses, and an unimaginable (10 months ago) size 6. I actually have fun shopping for new clothes; no more extra large scrubs are now all more large or XL.......bad thing is, I'm still short......still have to hem or shop in the petites for lengths.
My daughter in law Molly and I are going to the Kenny Chesney concert on July 23; I'll have to get my husband to take a picture beforehand and I'll post it.....such a difference, even from May. I hope the change in diet helps, it would sure be awesome to show some 1-2 pound losses again like I did in the first few months. I'd love to hit that 70 pound mark!