Saturday, October 10, 2009

So far so good

2 weeks have passed since I ended the official program at Timeless medical spa; I am still eating the bars, having some of the shakes...I've maintained the last 2 weeks, may have lost about 0.5 pounds. We went to north Las Vegas last weekend to see family and of course they were great cooks! But I made good choices, drank plenty of water and came home without gaining anything! Wooohooo! I really feel I have a handle on this and in no way, no how, do I ever want to gain any of that horrific weight back. I looked at some pictures of me taken last Memorial day 2008.....omg......I was huge. And I didnt seem to even notice...or rather, just didnt care. My husband Robert can't believe the change....and the change in himself as well. We were both terribly overweight; it's amazing what a year can do.
I am feeling terrific, keeping up the exercise nearly every day; I really do want to try to lose another 10 pounds, so I'd better buckle down and decrease the calories to start losing again rather than maintain. Altho, I have to admit I kinda like the weight I'm at now....size 4/6 jeans, "small" scrubs.....but still have some curves that my hubby we'll see what happens.