Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Plateau again

As if losing our beloved Tahoe wasn't enough, now I can't seem to lose these last few pounds. Good grief. I have not lost a single pound since the week of June 10th, and then it was muscle loss from not eating anything at all for a few days. The flip side is, I haven't gained either. But we are nearing the wire and I HAVE to get this last almost 20 pounds off. How does one lose fat, gain muscle and the weight number doesn't change? Guess they cancel each other out. I did lose 2 "pounds" of fat last week, gained muscle, but no weight loss. Dang it.
I have gone down another size, thank goodness. My last purchase was a couple pair of size 6 capri's. I can't believe it.....a size 6. I started at size 16.....now a 6. I wear shorts now when I ride my bike and when I go to the gym. I don't feel so conspicuous when I wear sleeveless tops; gosh, how my life and outlook has changed. Exercise is going to be a way of life now, as is my change in diet. My husband looks awesome; he's even going to ride again in the Snowbird Hill climb and race in August. 51 years old and riding his bike again like he did in his 30's. I'm so proud of him! With his "turbo hip" and 60 pound weight loss, he's in awesome shape.
Well, our hearts are slowly healing and with that, perhaps the weight will start to fall off again. I have to do this now for her, make her proud of me....I can see those big brown eyes of hers...she always aimed to please us, so now it's my turn. These last 20 pounds are for you, baby girl!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A broken heart

How do you mend a broken heart? We had to make the heart and gut wrenching decision to have our beloved Golden Retriever, Tahoe, put to sleep last week......we knew the day was coming and we'd been terribly depressed about it for days leading up to it. She was 2 months shy of turning 13 years old; she was having a lot of trouble walking and her last couple days had no appetite. Our vet told us a month ago that it was time, but we wanted to believe some different pain meds would help her. Then last Tuesday it was evident that we had to......so on Wednesday June 10th......my heart broke into a million pieces.....I've cried every day since. Now I've had no appetite, no ambition to go to the gym. I've only lost a pound and a half and last week lost some muscle due to not eating enough. At least that happened and I didn't turn to food to make me feel better. I know I have to get back to the gym and get back on track.....it's just so hard when you lose a loved one...whether it be a person, dog, cat.....doesn't matter. She had the sweetest soul and will be missed beyond words.
So, not much luck with the weight loss the last couple weeks.....can't lose much when you don't eat. This week hasn't been much better; we are still grieving over the loss of our sweet Tahoe. Today, tho, I forced myself to have at least the 4 protein meals and tried to drink enough water.....I have to work this weekend and hopefully next week will get back to the gym and resume working out. I've got about 20 pounds to go to meet my goal.....I'd sure hate to lose ground now, so I'll have to hit it extra hard......