Friday, March 27, 2009


39 pounds and still losing......."just keep swimming"............This week was successful...have to measure it day by day, week by week to stay focused on the carrot. I hear Hawaii calling my name and not those Girl Scout Cookies......last time I went to Hawaii I was a big girl....can't wait to go back a mere shadow of who I once was.

My family has been such a wonderful one complains about husband has lost a total of 50 pounds since last year...just by cutting his portions and making better choices. We are in this together and together I know we'll be able to keep the weight off. Get this.....he drives a '92 Toyota pick-up...his baby. When our 7 year old grandson and us would squeeze into it, we would literally have to squeeze into it and poor Kyler would have to put one leg on mine so Robert could shift it. We now can sit comfortably and there is a space between EACH OF US! Between the 2 of us, we've lost 89 pounds. How crazy is that??!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy Spring!

Guess what!? I lost another 2 pounds this week........that makes a total of 38.2 pounds off of me.....holey moley. That's a big toddler....a kindergartner at wonder I feel better!
No more Girl Scout cookies this week......I was faithful and steadfast and held my ground. LOL......
Seriously tho, I got a lot done today...put down fertilizer on the lawn, grocery shopped, cleaned house, laundry.....went to the gym and still have energy left over. 38 pounds ago I would have done it all, but I would have been tired out, feet hurt and would have eaten something bad to reward myself for getting so much done......but not any more!! I honestly feel great and now that I'm over half way to my 70 pound goal, the end is in sight. I remember how daunting this was at first......I still get emotionally overwhelmed thinking about my good fortune to have had this "intervention" of sorts. It has changed my life.

Friday, March 13, 2009


It was a stressful week this past week. I missed a few protein meals, exercised only once, spent long hours at work, didn't drink enough water the last 2 days, and made up for it last night and then didn't sleep well because I had to get up to pee 6 times during the night......good grief. But, I still lost about a pound and a half this week!!! YAY!! So, the total is now 36.6 pounds lost. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I even had 3 Girl Scout cookies.....oops. I didn't buy them this year, but my husband did, darn it. And there they were.....calling my name. I put my big girl pants on and will resist them in the future, tho.
I really am proud of myself and the choices I now make in my life, as far as meals. Even in other aspects, I avoid the negative influences that used to plague me. If you surround yourself with positive people and things, good things will happen. I'm looking forward to a healthy, positive future.....all thanks to the FOY and this wonderful gift.

Friday, March 6, 2009


Happy day! It's official; 35 pounds. I'm half way to my goal. What a relief. February was so slow, I was wondering if I'd ever show a loss. I'm so excited I can hardly stand it.......Dr. Williams today said he didn't think I needed to lose another 35 pounds....I may need to stop just short of that; we'll see. I still see A LOT to go!

With spring almost here, we'll get to be outside more and with more activity, hopefully the rest will come off faster. The protein bars are small and will pack easily on a bike; I really can't wait to start riding and really ride this year and not just putter around the neighborhood.

I hope the other three kindred "losers" are doing well...we have until the end of September for the official program, but I intend to keep using the products well afterwards to help maintain my weight; at least for breakfast and snacks. Gosh, what a blessing this has been.