Friday, October 31, 2008


Who knew that in addition to losing all this weight, that I'd also have my own blog?! I think with some time and experimenting I'll get the hang of it.
I started the program September 25th; at the end of the first week I'd lost 5 pounds....holey moley. The second week showed another 3 pounds and so far after 5 weeks, my total is 15 pounds! It's incredulous to me that I've had all this "poundage" and did nothing about it.....well, I did try diets in the past and always some sort of results, but I still ate pretty much like it was some sort of Olympic sport or hobby. I'm learning to look at food in an entirely different should be fuel for my body and not a dang pastime. It's quite amazing to see really how little food it takes to maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep me energized, once you learn to eat the right kinds of food/fuel to be healthy. I'm back exercising three times a week and does that ever feel great! The folks at Crossroad Fitness are awesome....they are really interested in teaching the right way to exercise and tailor a program that will shape my new body into what I know it can be...even at 52 years old. At some point I'll tell you what weight I started at and what my goal is; but here's a hint...we all had to be at least 70 pounds overweight. CRIPES!