Friday, August 21, 2009

Making changes

Ok, here's the scoop; last week I lost a whopping 0.2 pounds. I was devastated. Today was weigh-in day again and this was much better at another 2 pound weight loss. I worked out more, did more weights at the gym and I don't know what did it, but more fat came off and muscle went up a little bit and weight came down 2 pounds. Kim and Debbie W said I have only 12 more pounds to my goal..........I hope I am able to do it before the end of September. I did decrease calories a bit more to around 700-800 during this weight loss phase; doesn't sound like much does it? I'm just sticking to the low carb foods, keeping protein intake up, drinking plenty of water and keeping up the exercise. To maintain my current weight, I should consume about 1200 calories, so by keeping the count under that now, I should still lose and during maintenance, should be able to keep it off, even by increasing calories (the right kind of calories). That's the I hope to have another good week and hopefully lose another pound or two.

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